Thursday, January 14, 2010

Tilache Ladu

On the 14th january of every year we celebrate makar sankrant. At this time we make many items which include sesame. But the most made is tilache Ladu which everyone loves. Others are tilachya wadya, tilachya polya and many more.

White til (Sesame)                  1/2 cup
Chikkicha gul (jaggery)           ½ cup
Ghee                                      1 tbsp
Shengdane (peanuts)               1 ½ tbsp
Nutmeg (jaiphal) powder / Ilaichi powder   a pinch

Roast sesame till brown keep aside .
Roast peanuts properly then pill them and keep aside.
Let both sesame and peanuts cool down.
After peanuts cool down , crush them a bit so pieces are big enough.

Now in a heavy bottom kadhai (vessel) put chikkicha gul ( if it is not available take normal jaggery but for laddus we generally use chikkicha gul ) .
Heat the vessel , let jiggery start melting .
Now add ghee and heat again .
when jiggery starts turns semi- liquid (pak) add sesame seeds, crushed peanuts .
 Mix Well. Switch off the gas.
Add nutmeg powder. Mix well again.

When the mixture is semi hot ( so that your hands don’t burn) , apply little ghee on your palms, then take small portion of mixture on one palm and roll with other to form ladu. Repeat this for balance mixture.

Show the laddus to god and you can distribute among your family & friends .

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