Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Chocolate Based Ice-Creams

In the previous section we have seen plain basic ice-cream of which we can make different ice-cream by adding colour, flavor , dry fruits, fresh fruit pulp etc . But when it comes to children we see that they love chocolates more& that too any form of chocolates . So when you give them chocolate based ice-creams the joy on their face is worth all the efforts. These ice-creams are easy to make and not much time consuming. You can always make basic ready & keep it in freezer. Whenever you want to make ice-cream you can remove some portion & make ice-cream. The ice-cream turn out just like one available in ice-cream parlor if you follow the recipe properly.  7K7EW4UHYQX2


One Recipe

Milk(Whole)        ½ liter
C.M.C. powder  1/8 tsp
Milk powder       1 ½ tbsp
Sugar                  6 tbsp
Cocoa                 2 tbsp
 Liquid glucose     1 tsp
G.M.S. powder    1 ½ tbsp

Boil ½ liter whole milk.
Remove ½ cup milk from it cool it slightly.
Add to it milk powder, G.M.S., C.M.C, sugar , Cocoa and mix well.
Then add the rest of the milk to this mixture.
Now add liquid glucose and boil the mixture for 6-7 minutes.
Pass the mixture through a sieve. Cool it stirring constantly.
Pour this mixture in a container, cover with a tight lid.
keep to set in freezer for 10 hours.
When this mixture sets the chocolate basic is ready.


Chocolate Basic ice-cream     One recipe

Cut this basic into small pieces.
Churn till fluffy and soft.
Pour it in a container, cover with a tight lid.
Keep to set in the freezer for 8 hours.


Chocolate Basic ice- cream  One recipe
Chocolate chips                     ½ cups

When the basic is churned pour in a container.
Mix lightly the chips, cover with a tight lid.
Keep to set in the freezer for 8 hours.

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