Wednesday, January 20, 2010

How To Select Fresh Fish

When one thinks of making any fresh fish recipes first step is to select fresh fish this is what my mother used to always tell me. Once I went to a mall to their non-veg department . I wanted to make pomfret curry so I wanted to buy fresh pomfret, the salesmen there said pomfret was fresh but when I checked it by pressing near eyes I found red liquid instead of white,so I did not purchase from there. Now I always buy from a lady who sits with fish near my residence. Generally you should try to purchase fish in the morning before 11 am so there are more chances of it being fresh.
In case of any fish to check for its freshness you have to look whether
  1. It looks stiff.
  2. Eyes should be shiny.
  3. It should be medium size fish in that category as smaller size are tasteless and bigger one has extra strong taste.
  4. When one opens the gills of fish it should be red in colour (not dull maroon) and it should be sticky (like mucus it should show thread).
  5. When you press fish and if the daunt remains then the fish is stale
  6. In case of pomfret when you press near eyes if white colour liquid comes out it is of excellent quality.

  7. If you see rainbow colour on fish even then fish is fresh.

    I am sure this information will be very useful to you . Next I will let u know how to make varieties of fresh fish recipes

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