Friday, January 22, 2010

Fresh Fish Recipes

Pomfret Curry Recipe

All my friends love fish curry especially our (goan style). Many of them take fish curry recipe from me and make it. And for me , it is our staple diet. Any goan and for that matter most people from coastal region would prefer Fish curry ,rice fish fry and sol kadi for lunch- dinner- lunch so on. Of course we do eat vegetables especially on Monday, Thursday and auspicious days.
When you purchase any fresh fish either get it sliced and cleaned from fish monger or get you can cut and clean at home.

Pomfret - 2 medium size ( around 10 slices)
Fresh Coconut ½ coconut or 1 bowl (you can take more coconut as gravy thickens )
Red Chili 4 bedgi chili ( for making spicy) and 3 kashmiri chili (for colour)
Green Chili ½ slit into two parts intact at bottom
Turmeric 1 tsp
Coriander Seeds 1tsp
Tamarind Pulp little(around 1 tbsp)
Kokam 2-3
Onion 1 medium
Garlic 4 cloves
Red chilli powder ½ tsp
Edible Oil 2tbsp (groundnut oil or you can use 1tbsp groundnut and 1tbsp coconut oil)

1) Wash fish slices properly, apply salt, little turmeric ,red chili powder. Keep aside for 15 to 20 minutes .
     Cut onion finely.
2) Take oil in a kadai ,put onion let it sauté till they are cooked (little brownish shade)
3) Take ½ of this onion, grated coconut, red chili, coriander seeds, turmeric powder, tamarind pulp and    garlic cloves together and grind into a paste.
4)Again heat the kadai sauté the balance onion till it is brown in colour.
5) Put the grinded paste and add some water to it to make into a curry.
6)Add salt (only for curry as pomfret already is coated with salt) . Let the curry cook till it starts boiling.
7) Add pomfret slices. Allow pompret to cook (It takes about 7 to10 minutes or 1 boil).
8)Add green chili, Kokam ( If available, even without Kokam curry tastes good). Switch off the gas.

1) As this is season of raw mangoes you can add raw mango while cooking curry, at that time reduce tamarind.
2) You should always make curry 2 hours before serving so curry gets taste of fish and does not taste blend, You can heat it again while serving.
3) Stir curry carefully after you put fish slice, as there is chance of fish slice breaking.

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